Obama’s USDA Pick

Speculation is rife on who Obama will pick to head up the USDA.  Overall, it seems that the sustainable agriculture community is rightly up in arms over the probable short list.  Check out the list of possibles on Ethicurean as well as more discussion on Daily Kos and Grist.

The overall list is generally more than a little unsavory with former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack heading up the likelies.  That wouldn’t be very good news for the sustainable ag community, but there are worse possibilities there.  Personally, I’m hoping the Congressional Black Caucus saves the day by angling for John Boyd.  He’s president of the National Black Farmers Association and a fourth generation farmer himself.  It seems like a unique choice and one that people outside of Monsanto and ADM wouldn’t be able to argue with too much.

One response to “Obama’s USDA Pick

  1. carl parker

    I would like to address about the people that succeeded in the lawsuit and recieved the reward money and they only wrote off the amount they said he was decrimated on when this is what cause them to be behind on all of their loans.

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